Andy Vargas

Being a local sensation in the town of Watsonville, California, to singing on the main stage with Carlos Santana…

Andy’s love of music and passion was fueled by his father, Javier Vargas.  From the age of seven Andy was involved with his father’s mariachi band, Mariachi California De Javier Vargas and around the world of music. Having his role model so close to home put Andy into high gear quickly. At the age of fifteen Andy’s mother introduced him to record producer, Terry Melcher where he got a management production deal.   Andy started recording with Melcher and Bruce Johnston who is a member of the legendary Beach Boys Band.  The duo quickly recognized Andy’s wide and vast ability to sing in English and cross over into Spanish. This talent is what got Andy a recording contract with RCA BMG Records. The contract was negotiated by Ron Fair, who is currently the president of Geffen Records. 

The Santana Connection…

While Andy was signed with RCA BMG Records, Carlos Santana had just released the “SuperNatural” Album. The albums single titled “Smooth” started soaring up the music charts.  Record producer Clive Davis who was working with Santana at the time told him that he thought the band needed a new young voice to keep the band fresh and upbeat. Clive had previously heard recorded music by Andy and put the two connections together.  To present, Andy has been the lead vocalist for Carlos Santana and is breaking new highs with the legendary band.